Inflation & Gas Prices

Just as many folks in our state were finally recovering from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, they are again finding it difficult to pay bills, buy groceries, or fill a tank of gas. Rhode Islanders are feeling the pain of inflation, and David knows that households in our state are being hit hard by the rise in prices at the pump and the grocery check-out.

Inflation is a global challenge, hitting developed countries throughout the world. Right here at home, Congressman Cicilline has met with constituents at his community conversations and events across the district, and he knows Rhode Island families are hurting as they pay more and get less.

A world-altering pandemic that continues to impact the global economy and supply of goods, a Russian war of aggression in Ukraine that has thrown global markets into disarray, and an underlying economic structure in our country that allows big corporations to jack up prices, just because they can - all of these factors are making it difficult for Rhode Islanders to make ends meet. That’s why David is committed to doing everything he can in Congress to help lower costs for families and workers at a time when they need it most.

As chair of the subcommittee responsible for ensuring greater opportunities for consumers, workers, and small business owners, David has introduced legislation to prohibit price gouging during market disruptions like the COVID pandemic and crack down on abuses by big oil and gas companies overcharging Rhode Island families and workers at the pump. He’s leading efforts to address structural problems in our economy that allow a handful of huge corporations to dominate food, fuel, and other essential markets and drive up prices. And, David is fighting his hardest to strengthen competition laws in our economy, making us less vulnerable to skyrocketing price increases due to supply disruptions and preventing big corporations from prioritizing profits over bringing down costs to consumers.

Prices are too high, and this is no time to play politics with the livelihoods of hard working Americans. He’s supported bipartisan legislation that was signed into law in June, helping to lower shipping costs by cracking down on unreasonably high international shipping costs that were being passed on to consumers for essential supplies. Also in June, the Congressman supported a combination of bipartisan bills that passed in the House to lower the cost of fertilizer, which had increased dramatically after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - driving up food prices, lower the cost of meat and poultry products by repairing slow-downs in supply chains, and lower the price at the pump by boosting access to American-made ethanol fuel. David is also championing legislation, the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax Act, that will return windfall profits from Big Oil companies directly to consumers.

David will continue to lead the fight to combat corporate monopolies, end price gouging, and provide relief to consumers. 



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